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  • LIN Frame Palace SF 72 LIN Frame Palace MI 300

    London Palace Gate Print

    An apartment block in London’s Kensington area, designed by Wells Coates. Completed in 1939 it is a Modernist structure in the tradition of Le Corbusier and Walter Gropius, both of whom...

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  • LIN Frame Isokon SF 72 LIN Frame Isokon ST 72

    London Isokon Building Print

    Located on Lawn Road, Hampstead, London, the Isokon Building is a concrete block of 34 flats designed by architect Wells Coates in 1934 as an experiment in minimalist urban living. Most o...

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  • LIN Frame Hoover SF 72 LIN Frame Hoover PEG 72

    London Hoover Building Print

    Hoover Building is an example of Art Deco architecture designed by Wallis, Gilbert and Partners (1932-38). John Betjeman described it as, “a sort of art deco Wentworth Woodhouse ...

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  • LIN Frame Embassy SF 72 LIN Frame Embassy PEG 72

    Brighton Embassy Court Print

    Embassy Court is an 11 storey block of flats situated on the Brighton seafront on the corner of Western Street and the Kings Road. It was designed by the architect Wells Coates and comple...

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