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  • LIN Frame Palmeira SF 72 LIN Frame Palmeira PEG 72

    Brighton Palmeira Square Print

    The east and west sides of Palmeira Square have been listed separately at Grade II by English Heritage, and Palmeira Mansions at the north side of the square has also been listed at this ...

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  • LIN Frame i360 SF 72 LIN Frame i360 MI 72

    Brighton i360 Tower Print

    The British Airways i360 is a 162-metre (531 ft) observation tower on the Brighton seafront, near to the West Pier.
    The i360 was designed, engineered, manufactured and promoted by ...

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  • LIN Frame Wick Hall SF 72 LIN Frame Wick Hall PEG 72

    Brighton Wick Hall Print

    The current Wick Hall was built by Bell Modern Homes in 1936, in the same year that the Queen Mary Liner was launched.  The building is often compared to an ocean liner, with its austere...

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  • LIN Frame Tate SF 72 LIN Frame Tate PEG 72

    London Tate Modern Print

    The former Bankside Power Station was selected as the new Tate Modern gallery site in 1994. The following year, Swiss architects Herzog & De Meuron were appointed to convert the build...

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  • LIN Frame Melbourne SF 72 LIN Frame Melbourne PEG 72

    Melbourne’s Flinders Station Print

    Flinders Street railway station is a railway station on the corner of Flinders and Swanton  Streets in Melbourne, Australia.The main station building, completed in 1909, is a cultural ic...

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  • LIN Frame Sydney SF 72 LIN Frame Sydney MI 300

    Sydney Harbour Print

    Surrounded by hundreds of kilometres of shoreline, national parks and historic sites, the sparkling waters of Sydney Harbour are synonymous with Australia’s most famous city. Alive with...

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  • LIN Frame Daddy SF 72 LIN Frame Daddy PEG 72

    Brighton Daddy Long Legs Print

    Designed and built by Magnus Volk, the ‘pioneer’ or ‘Daddy Long Legs’ as it was popularly known served the Brighton and Rottingdean seashore electric railway betwe...

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  • LIN Frame Alfresco SF 72 LIN Frame Alfresco PEG 72

    Brighton Alfresco Print

    Also known as the Milkmaid Pavilion, this Art Deco structure was built for the Festival of Britain in the 1950’s. Since then, it has undergone a number of dramatic changes since being t...

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  • LIN Frame Arches SF 72 LIN Frame Arches PEG 72

    Brighton King’s Road Arches Print

    Located in King’s Road they are newly-rebuilt arches built during the reign of Queen Vctoria on Brighton seafront. Refurbished by Solar Architecture LTD, the Arches support the promenad...

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