TEST PRINT – Brighton Beach Huts Blue 700x300mm Print

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The print in in perfect condition. Only 1x 700x300mm print available in Blue.

The listing is for the print only. Frame not included.

Medium Long: 700x300mm


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TEST PRINT – Brighton Beach Huts Blue Print

In 1789, George III gave royal approval to the new fashion for sea bathing by taking a medicinal dip in the sea at Weymouth, Dorset, from the prototype beach hut. The ‘hut’ was actually a room on wheels with a collapsible hood, which was drawn into the water by a horse. The King was then plunged naked into the sea by burly attendants called dippers. Later, the Victorians popularised the trend. Patrons would hire them by the half-hour, disappearing into them to change into bathing costumes. Horses would then pull them into the sea so they could step discreetly into the water with only their heads visible to onlookers. The bathing machines remained in active use on English beaches until the 1890s, when they began to be parked on the beach. By the 1950s, beach huts were enjoying their heyday and the coast of Britain was ribboned by brightly coloured rows of them.

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Artwork printed on Platinum Matt 280gsm photo paper and is 100% acid free. A fine art photo paper with a natural white base and state of the art ink-receiving layer, delivers a high D-MAX and wide colour gamut. When used in conjunction with pigment inks, the paper will ensure a long print life of over 85 years.

The listing is for the print only. Frame not included.

Size:        Medium Long: 700x300mm          Colours:   Blue

Please note:
* The colours you see on your screen may not look exactly the same as the actual print. This is because every computer, Smart phone and iPad screen is configured differently. Hopefully you will think the print looks even more beautiful in real life.

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